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a 3 year old very handsome male greyhound ready for rehoming at Greyhound gap.


Zack is one of those Greyhounds that although absolutely breathtakingly beautiful is a little more special than most.
We can not work out whether he is actually a really clever dog or he does not have one single brain cell.
He walks the fine line between madness and genius. He is though the most loving sweet natured lad you could meet.
Zack needs to live with another Greyhound or other Greyhounds there is absolutely no doubt about that. He is kennelled here with a female 2 year old greyhound. She is not the most mature and wise but Zack hangs on to her every movement.
Zack needs gently socialising over time with a Greyhound experienced owner.
We have introduced him to a 5kg Dachshund cross who read him and immediately reacted to him.
He quickly went from having a prey drive and barking and lunging to not being worried about her size but reacting as he thought he may need to fight.
He is though better with medium sized dogs and upwards and seems to recognise them as dogs.
We do think some of his current behaviour is anxiety led and a worry of the unknown and will soon calm down as he learns more about the world and it stops being such a small place.
Out and about on lead Zack walks well in the main. He tends to ignore most dogs even when they bark at him but he is definitely NOT small furry or cat safe. He also travels like an absolute dream.
Although Zack is currently kennelled he is very clean in his environment and toilets the moment he is let out. We do not envisage with the company of other Greyhounds him being an issue when left as he would much rather bond with them than his humans and relies on other dogs company more.
Zack can be rehomed with dog savvy children 6 years and upwards.
Zack is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped, neutered, has received a dental and will be rehomed with one months free Petplan insurance.
If you are interested in offering Zack a home please complete our adoption questionnaire by clicking the link below.

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