Here at Greyhound Gap we are sensitive to the fact that our volunteers are very much at the heart of the organisation. In an ever-changing world with higher retirement ages, increased cost of living and continued daily challenges we appreciate and respect how important free time is.  For those who give an amount of that time to support the dogs we owe a huge debt of gratitude, and we know if they could personally thank you so would they.

Volunteering for Greyhound Gap is both diverse and dynamic. There are so many ways to help us to help those who need our care and attention until a new family of their own is sourced.


At Our Kennels

The most important job within the organisation is the comfort and welfare of our dogs.

Our volunteers program runs differently than most others aimed at ensuring the dogs remain relaxed during engagement with our volunteers and feel no additional pressure.

Many of the dogs landing into our care have not had the best experience with humans before joining us.

They can lack in trust and confidence and need the support from our regular staff base whilst they learn about new people.

Our volunteers are invited to join us on a set day basis each week between the hours of 9am-3pm.

They join the team on the daily clean ensuring all animal husbandry tasks are met to the highest of standards.

From the physical cleaning of the kennels themselves to the washing of bowls and bedding, preparation of enrichment, ensuring our home from home room and paddock are tidy and hygienic. There is always a job for everyone.


Fundraising Activities

Greyhound Gap pride themselves on being extremely proactive with their external fundraising.

We have a small army of amazing, dedicated people! They offer their time freely helping us to organise and run our events, stalls, meet and greets and educational talks within the community.

All necessary fundraising items such as stock, literature and event information are provided by our volunteer co ordinating team meaning you are supported and aware of what is expected.

We like to think that as a charity we put the *fun* into fundraising. Dog Shows, Quiz nights, Market Stalls, Jumble Sales, you name it! Not only does it give you the chance to help us continue meeting the needs of the dogs in our care, it provides the chance to give something back to your local community.

Meeting and spending time with like minded people is also good for our own mental health and invariably many of our volunteers form new lifelong friendships.


For Education

Meeting and engaging with the public are not just about raising funds.

Face to face engagement also raises awareness and provides valued education relating to the further reaching issues the UKs animal welfare system currently faces.

Being able to educate around the implications of owning a dog and owning a dog well, meeting their needs and how much of a commitment that is can be so important.

Over breeding with little thought is also something we often must address.
Greyhound Gap has a very firm stance on greyhound racing and the wider often not seen consequences of a large commercial industry. We join many others in calling for a phased-out ban. It has often been widely accepted by members of the public that *they are Greyhounds, its what they are bred for*.

Quite simply that wasn’t the original case. As a sport that creates huge amounts of often broken wastage and places huge amounts of financial burden onto an already overstretched rescue system it’s a sport that needs consigning to the history books.


Get Creative


Greyhound Gap is blessed with wonderful creative members of our family.

Do you have a flair for knitting? Are you a Delia Smith waiting in the wings? Do you have bags of teddies, toiletries, cosmetics all building up in your *I thought I needed it drawer? * 

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then we can put both your skills and items to good use. Our fundraising efforts depend on us having items to offer and without talented people and unwanted items that is not easy to do.


Apply to Volunteer here

The scope for volunteering is huge. There are many ways you can help regardless of your location. Anything and everything you can do to help is gratefully appreciated.

If you feel you would be able to help in anyway, please fill in the form.

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