Tilly is a very special dog to us here at Greyhound Gap read more to know why.


As a team here at Greyhound Gap we have had a 3 year relationship with Tilly before she came to us.
She originally came to us via a Social Services referral whilst her owner Alex was treated for mental health issues.
Tilly and Alex were devoted to each other and despite Alex’s problems she was always a lovely friend to us all here.
Each time Alex needed help or support she would contact us. We in turn would collect Tilly to bring her safely to our care and ensure Alex got the help she needed at the time.
Sadly a few years ago Alex passed away at home with only Tilly beside her. As soon as it was realised we were notified and attended alongside the police and dog wardens who gave us access to the house and enabled us to bring Tilly safely into our care.
Tilly for 7 years has borne huge responsibility for her Mum. She has loved her, protected her and been with her through the good times, the bad times and sometimes very bad times. It is now time for Tilly.
Tilly needs a home as close to ourselves as possible. She is a hugely friendly dog but we feel will need multiple visits both here and to the home.
She is currently still quite upset and more than understands what has happened. She can naturally occasionally be wary of strangers at first which is understandable due to her past life but is in no ways aggressive.
Tilly needs to be an only pet in the home and it needs to be free of children pre teenage and no visiting young children.
She has had so much noise and chaos in her life that its absolutely not for her anymore. All she wants to do is sleep, relax, play and walk and be devoted to humans who can now care for her.
Tilly does not care much for other dogs and we would not rehome her with one. Here she engages and enjoys group walks but does not like them in her personal space. She does not react overly badly she just is not happy with it and is worried by it and shows clearly that she needs space.
Tilly is not cat friendly.
Out on lead she walks well in the main but can pull a little and is a very loyal dog that once a relationship was formulated could enjoy off lead time if other dogs were not around to interfere.
Any home offered to Tilly will need to work with us to ensure she is happy and settled when left so a home with someone around all or most of the time.
She has had a life that meant often she was with her owner at all times but at other times her owner may disappear and she may be left for long times alone and worried. These were the times we usually became involved.
I would like to think that when Alex passed she knew. She knew that Tilly would be safe. That Tilly would be bought here and we would absolutely moving forward seek to ensure that she found a very special family who would adore her in the way Alex did but with a much more peaceful, stable existence.
Tilly is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, chipped and spayed.
All members of the immediate family will need to be willing to visit us here at the center to meet with her.
If you would be interested in offering Tilly that quiet and loving home she craves please in the first instance complete our 
Full support will always be offered to Tilly and her new family from us here at Greyhound Gap and were you to go on holiday as its a routine she is use to we would be more than happy to host her back here with us.

Adoption Process


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