a 4 year old Greek Shepherd type dog who thus far has had both a bad and blessed life.


Born on the Island of Zakynthos he was abandoned at 2 years of age into Zante Town centre where his luck was just about to change. Sadly, Denny made a bad decision to walk into the path of an oncoming car which long-term turned out to be the best decision he could make. Lisa Greyhound Gaps Founder happened to be enjoying a meal on her annual holiday when Denny was hit.

Crowds soon gathered round Denny including the local Deputy Mayor, a local veterinarian and the restaurant owner who had been feeding Denny and using him to bring English cliental into his establishment as Denny was such a loving friendly boy. Suddenly though nobody would cover his costs and Denny thankfully only limping was left by them all still in the town. Lisa sat with him for a while and the next day hired a car to set about finding him and hopefully a solution to his situation. Contacting Zante Strays Jamie sadly had to admit they were full and a large black dog would not be able to stay with them long term due to their demands on services and the necessity to kennel alone. Determined to find a solution and having thrashed it out with Jamie it was agreed that if they committed to him for his month whilst he was prepared to travel Greyhound Gap would agree to his safety in the UK. It was the only solution to get this poor boy off the streets and out of harm’s way.

Denny remained with Zante strays, he was neutered, vaccinated and tested for other diseases where it was found he was low level leishmaniasis positive. It seems Denny’s short time on the streets had left him unfortunate enough to receive a sand fly bite. However, as he had very obviously only just contracted the illness, we knew that with controlled lifelong drugs it could be driven into remission or kept at very low levels.

Denny receives medication each day that costs £10 a month and every 3 months receives more expensive medication that Greyhound Gap will remain responsible for for life. Likewise the twice yearly tests.

After 18 months’ treatment and care with us at the centre his levels have not changed so we know that he is under control and currently at no risk of further damage. Should the leish progress any costs incurred for this will be covered by us as a charity, hence Denny needs a home close to our centre of operations.

Denny is the most loving dog you could meet and fabulous with all humans. He is the biggest daftest bear going.

He can be rehomed with dog savvy children 8 years and upwards due to his size and sheer desire to hug you!

He must be the only dog, with dogs Denny can be hit and miss. He much prefers smaller female dogs. We don’t think he knows his size and larger dogs seem to scare and intimidate him. We therefore feel he would be best placed with a small to medium calm female if he were to have a companion.

Having travelled from Greece its safe to say that Denny is a dream to go anywhere with. He is spotlessly clean, and Lisa Greyhound Gaps Founder has taken Denny out everywhere. He has been on holiday multiple times and stayed in hotels, camping pods, tents all without issue. He is well behaved when visiting pubs and restaurants and settles well. He has never had a cross word with any dog when out an about as long as they respect a healthy distance bar once when he was saying hello to a young retriever whose owner could not control her and let her bounce all over him biting and pulling his ears. She was asked to take her away once and physically could not and Denny had a snap and told her to back off.

Denny is not small furry friendly so could not live with cats.

Out and about on lead Denny can be quite strong! He needs to see everything and everyone but in the main walks relatively well.

He does need a physically fit family though and preferably one who would like to include him in most activities on a day-to-day basis. He absolutely loves being out in all weathers and lots of walks and adventure.

Denny would not be suitable for a home where everyone works full-time or long hours. Once settled we envisage he will learn to be left for a couple of hours with time but would not like to be alone for too long a period regularly.

 Denny is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped, castrated and comes with one months free insurance via Petplan. Denny last had his bloods checked in February 2024.

Adoption Process


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