Meet Blue a 5 year old long coated Chihuahua male currently on foster.
There's no getting round it Blue is a little beggar at times and when landing would use his teeth constantly with humans.
That now is vastly improved with people he knows and he is much more handleable he just does not like being messed about and constantly picked up.
He is though fine with other dogs and is currently living with 6 more ranging from toy breeds right up to a large bull lurcher.
Blue needs a very Chihuahua experienced home. One that is use to all their foibles.
He is stranger averse with new people so does need crating when visitors come to the home but will then spend time barking still at their presence.
The home needs to have nobody pre teen in it also.
After a year he is now wonderful with the fosterers grandchildren and loves them but this has taken a year of careful introductions.
We fully expect him to regress in a new environment so anyone within the home needs to understand that he needs time and to be left alone.
Out and about on lead Blue can be a little Tommy Ten Men with other dogs and does like a shout and a growl.
He has been off lead and his recall is good but if other dogs are around he will try to nip at their back legs regardless of size.
Housetraining wise Blue knows and understands what is required but doesn't always comply! He will toilet when taken out but does have to be watched closely to ensure he has fully emptied especially when it's cold or wet or he will come in and cock his leg.
Blue travels well and is fine to be left for a few hours with the company of another dog and is also crate trained.
Anyone committing to Blue will need to do a few visits to allow him to get use to you.
Blue is vaccinated, kc vaccinated and is de flead and wormed. He is also microchipped and castrated.
Anyone wishing to offer Blue a home would need to be willing to travel to meet him with all immediate family members and any current resident dogs.
Blue is in foster in Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire.
If you are interested in offering Blue a home please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below.