Beautiful Wolfie is a 6 year old saluki x whippet type girl who has joined us recently at Greyhound Gap.

We would love to find Wolfie the special new home she so deserves locally but it will need to be a patient understanding home who are willing to work with us here at the centre for sometime before finally taking her home.

It was very obvious to us upon landing that Wolfie has come from a situation with a domestic violence background. Upon landing with us here at Greyhound Gap she was fine with the females on the premises but very watchful and worried of the males especially when they were in close situation to the female members of staff and the volunteers team.

With work here now Wolfie is happy and relaxed with most of the men she comes into contact with including new ones as long as they leave her to be and don't try to force her to enjoy their company or immediately become their friends. This means her homing needs to be taking much more steadily than would usually be the case with multiple meetings and visits both here and at the potential new adopters home.

If Wolfie were to find a female only home we do think she would settle easier but this would still of course mean there was work to do with any visiting males likewise out and about in the big bad world she would need support to feel comfortable.

A home with a calm confident male dog in residence we feel would help her and she could take some of the lead from their confidence measures. Were she to be an only dog we feel there could be an issue with over bonding and separation anxiety being created. This though is something we are willing to work with and offer guidance on for the right calm quiet home with someone around all of most of the time.

Wolfie is a dream to walk on lead, she travels well, seems to have been okay with all dogs she has met at the kennels and although she has never received house training in the past she has lived in a home and we don't feel it would take her long to master it.

Wolfie is not good with cats and we would prefer she was rehomed into an environment without children or visiting children under the age of late teenager.

This girl melts all our hearts, we adore her, she is such a pretty girl and deep down has a wonderfully generous if somewhat fearful heart due to past environmental circumstances. She is so wasted in kennels and we really do want to see that family willing to work with us to get her onto that sofa come forward.

Wolfie is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped, spayed, received a dental and comes with 1 months free insurance.

If you are interested in offering Wolfie a home please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below.

Pre adoption questionnaire.