We aim to walk our kennel hounds every day with our usual walking times being 10am to 3pm.

Walking the kennel hounds is an extremely rewarding activity. The dogs are taken for a countyside walk where they can do lots of sniffing and rolling on the grasses. As well being enjoyable, the walks give the dogs the opportunity to socialise safely with other hounds, humans and to learn good lead manners. Regular walkers get to see some of the more scared, confused or nervous dogs start to flourish and gain in confidence over time. The dogs have the chance for supervised off lead playtime in the paddock where they can run and play with toys.

Primarily kennel hound walks are for the benefit of the dogs, but they are also a great time to catch up with other volunteers. After the walk the dogs have special treats placed in their kennels so they have something to enjoy after their time outside, the volunteers also help to make sure there are toys in the kennels for the dogs to play with.

We also always need help with our rigorous cleaning routine and bed-time shutdowns. Our morning cleaning routine starts at 8am and continues until every kennel is spotless. Our evening routine starts late afternoon, around 4pm. Dog walking and paddock play-time takes place inbetween! The routines are constant so the help of volunteers is invaluable, hugely appreciated and much needed to keep our dogs happy, healthy and exercised. The pleasure gained from seeing such contented dogs is indescribable.

If you are interested in getting involved at the kennels, we would suggest that you join us for dog walking in the first instance. This will enable you to see our set up and discuss with us whether you'd like to help on an ongoing basis and what you would like to volunteer for. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.