This sensitive 3 year old Greyhound boy needs a special home.


Just every now and then you come across a dog that absolutely does not conform to anything or everything relating to his breed and Perry is one of those dogs.
Perry came into our care as a non chaser. We don’t see that as being anything further from the truth. He just did not like racing. Even by Greyhound standards Perry is an extremely sensitive dog, he is also extremely intelligent and tends to both over think and react. He is also relatively nervous. This combination does not make the best well balanced hound in the early days and that we are being absolutely honest about.
Perry needs a quiet home in a quiet environment with experienced owners willing to provide him for however long it takes with a safe space. Somewhere he can decompress with absolutely no pressure or expectations. An area where walking means he wont be over stimulated by huge amounts of other dogs, cats or small furry prey type animals. His level of over sensitivity when he gets worked up means his reaction is quite extreme.
Unlike most Greyhounds Perry is also as well as sight driven driven by his nose. This is one of the biggest allies on working with Perry to teach him new ways. He loves sensory items, he loves nose work, he loves to forage, and to feed through scatter based work, find it games and absolutely adores enrichment. I have never known a Greyhound who relies on having his brain exercised as much as this boy does. It steadies him, balances him and calms him and that is why he may not appeal to most owners use to Greyhounds and their ways.
At times Perry can lock down into his own little world. When he does he needs peace and quiet and time. All that said he can also be the most loving dog in the world too!
Out and about on the lead in a quieter more stable routine formulated environment Perry walks well in the main. He is spotlessly clean in both a kennel and a home environment and also travels like a dream. We feel that Perry would need a home where everyone was 18 and over.
We do feel Perry would be best placed to begin with as an only dog in an experienced home. A home that will allow him the time to continue calmly to explore his own personal growth. He would however also be fine to co exist with a female Greyhound if she was laid back and non fussy and the owners understood he would still need time and investment.
Perry is one of the firm favourites at kennels. Our special boy! He is actually a delight to work with, to learn from. To watch his waggy tail and his lust for learning is something to behold. He just needs a home willing to understand that and his special ways and give a slightly different little odd bod a chance! I genuinely believe 12 months down the line that this boy will become someones dog of a lifetime.
Perry is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de fleaed, de wormed, microchipped, castrated and has received a dental. He will also be rehomed with one months Pet Insurance from Petplan.
Perry is located in Stoke on Trent and anyone wishing to offer him a home would need to be willing to travel with all members of the immediate family and any resident dog.
If you feel you could provide this wonderful slightly different boy with the calm and stable environment he needs please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire by clicking the link below.

Adoption Process


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