3 Year old Parsnip needs a special loving home.


Parsnip came to us after spending some time at another rescue who did not feel equipped to deal with his needs.
Parsnip was another from the multiple dog welfare situation we assisted with 20 dogs from last year. Having been 1 of over 100 dogs it’s safe to say that Parsnip naturally was a terrified boy.
When first landing with us Parsnip was quite dog reactive. Having to learn about leads, light which he’d seen little of in his previous life, the world, strange dogs, strange people and environments it all became too much and he was overwhelmed.
Now though albeit still nervous he’s turning into the most gentle sweet natured loving boy.
Parsnip copes with female sighthounds. Sighthounds are all he knows. He gravitates towards them but is still worried by other breeds of dogs and males.
We definitely feel Parsnip has been bullied by other males in the situation he was in. He’s spent time with my own Dachshund x female and my Spaniel female but their small dog jerky fast movements and busy energy makes him apprehensive which is understandable. He isn’t nasty with them just worried will cry and wants to get away.
We do feel a home with a calmer, kind but still slightly playful female sighthound would be the best but would consider an only dog home if someone was around all or most of the time for the first few months and willing to work with us to build this boys confidence further.
Out on walks Parsnip now is a dream. He walks so close to you that you feel you’ll trip over him. He’s learnt to put trust into his humans and take their lead. He no longer reacts or even thinks about reacting here.
Any new home though must understand that whilst he learns to trust new humans he may go back to some reactivity and he needs one set walk to adapt with support from ourselves whilst his what has been a small world to this point is gradually made bigger.
When Parsnip first arrived he was a little stir crazy in his kennel. So much nervous pent up energy, frustration and worry. However, with good consistent walks following one route, time to mooch and sniff in the paddock and watch the world go by and enrichment feeding instead of always using a bowl he soon settled.
Now he’s calm and restful albeit it also curious when we are in and out of the blocks.
We don’t envisage he will be an issue in the home as long as we ensure a couple of visits with him to his new potential environment before introducing him fully.
Due to that a home within an hour of our center of operations in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire would be the ideal solution all round.
Parsnip needs a home where all residing are teenage and upwards, calm, dog savvy and gentle.
He would not enjoy a busy fast paced homes with a huge family in residence and lots of people in and out constantly.
He is not cat friendly.
Parsnip is currently in kennels but is a really clean boy so we don’t see housetraining being an issue. He spends time in our home from home room and is clean in there.
Parsnip is currently in Stoke on Trent. He is neutered, vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, wormed and microchipped and will be rehomed with a month’s free insurance from petplan.
Anybody wishing to offer Parsnip a home will need to be willing to visit with all immediate members of the family and any current resident dogs.
This gentle, gentle soul really has been to hell and back and really deserves a genuine family willing to give him a stable and safe environment for the remainder of his days.
Every single one of these dogs we’ve rehomed so far has done their family proud. They are all turning into once in a life dogs.
If you are interested in adopting please complete our Pre Adoption Questionnaire

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