In the first instance we ask that you complete and submit a pre-adoption questionnaire.

We will endeavour to contact you within a few days of its submission, but please be aware at times we can be inundated with calls so it could take a little longer.  You are, of course, welcome to contact us to follow up your submission if we have not been able to get back to you within that time.

Below is a detailed outline of how you can expect your enquiry to be dealt with.

Greyhound Gap not only prides itself on the care given at time of homing but also on its support service to adopters once their new hound arrives home.  Many people are prompted to ring Greyhound Gap as they have seen a specific dog in our care who they feel would be a good fit into their home and lifestyle. However, we feel it is necessary to point out that this is not always the case. To allow us to make an informed decision along with a potential adopter we tend to go through the process without keeping a specific dog in mind.

The initial contact with us is usually made by completing the pre-adoption questionnaire.   This initial contact helps us to get a general basic feel for you and the home environment you have to offer a dog.  It also gives you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how we operate.

If not already completed we will ask you to complete and submit the pre-adoption questionnaire.  Once initial discussions have taken place and with mutual agreement we will strive to arrange a home visit for you and your family.

Many people ask why we need to carry out these checks. Not only does a home visit benefit us as a rescue but also you as a potential adopter.  They enable us to meet you, your family and any existing animals which then allows us to make a more informed decision when working with you to find the hound best suited to your home.  The visit gives you the chance to ask any questions and feel comfortable by meeting some of the people you may have contact with throughout the process.

As we have an excellent knowledge of the dogs in our care it means we, in most cases, are able to get the best possible fit for you and your family.  This in turn makes the transition period for you and the dog as easy and stress free as possible.  We find this matching process works extremely well.  Once the home visit has been completed we will then discuss possible hounds that may suit your environment and lifestyle.  You will then be offered the option to talk at length with the dog's foster carer.  You are then able to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to proceed with meeting the suitable dog.   Although we home nationally we do ask that you are willing to travel to meet the dog before rehoming is undertaken.   This can sometimes sound like a long journey but as the dog is going to be a part of your family for a long time and its worth making that effort. 


What you can expect from us

A full and truthful account of the dogs behaviour and needs from the time of entering our care.  Foster carers and kennel team are also well versed in talking at length about the dogs in their care and will at all times give as honest an account as possible.

At the time of homing the dog will be in the best possible health, to our knowledge. Dogs will be vaccinated, some will be kennel cough vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped, neutered/spayed before rehoming and will be offered 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan (subject to conditions) upon adoption. Puppies will be homed under contract for the adopter to arrange neutering at a relevant age.   If the dogs have other health needs, such as needing a dental or other visible illness on arrival at the rescue this will be treated before rehoming.  Any ongoing health needs will be explained to you fully before you commit to adoption, often with dog receiving ongoing support from Gap.

Should it be needed 24/7 support is available during the initial settling in period and full rescue support is given throughout the dog's life.  If at any time the dog cannot remain in the home you must return the dog to our care. At the time of adoption you will be given contact details for help, support and advice.

During the first two week period it is commonplace for a volunteer to contact you to offer support and advice should any problems occur. We are all experienced in the homing process and often any teething problems can be easily sorted out. We would rather hear from you than not at all, if we don't know there is a problem then we can't help solve it.



What we expect from you the adopter

Before committing to a rescue dog we expect the whole of the family to be 100 per cent sure. In some cases one member of the family may be sure they want to adopt a dog and other members are not so sure. Sadly situations such as this rarely work. Everyone needs to be sure that this is the right time for a new family member to be introduced.

We expect 100% honesty from our adopters.  Surprisingly, and sadly, many people do try to pull the wool over our eyes. Children are taken out of the equation, as are other pets, working hours and the time periods when a dog may be left are not stipulated truthfully. This is silly and does  not benefit anyone least of all you or the dog.  We work so hard to try to find the right dog for the environment and without the full truth it makes our job impossible.  Problems can arise which were not envisaged simply because the dog is being expected to do more than it is capable of.

Dedication and the attitude that the adoption will work is needed. Many people wish to introduce a dog to their home but want the perfect 'ready made' dog. This does not happen all the time.  Often the transition period runs perfectly smoothly as we work together with little issues which can be overcome in a very short period of time. However, if people do not go into the adoption process with open eyes and realise there is a transition period then things can get a lot more complicated. When committing to a dog with full support of a good rescue please be aware that with a little time patience and love, in 99% of cases, you have a new friend for life.

It is also worth noting, if once the home vetting has been carried out we feel at the time we do not have a suitable dog we will be totally honest. We pride ourselves on the matching process and would not be willing to put any dog into a home environment for the sake of numbers. People with more specific needs such as full time workers, families with young children and cats may have to wait longer. When we do find the right dog for you it will be as near to a perfect match as possible. Although this could at times take a couple of months there should be no rush, your and our main priority should be keeping everyone safe and happy including children and feline friends.