Well Merry Christmas to us all!!! We have only gone and bloody done it!

Greyhound Gap are now, in time for Christmas, the VERY PROUD OWNERS OF GRINDLESTONE KENNELS!

It is now officially the home of Greyhound Gap forever. Our dogs are safe for life and guaranteed a future and that will hopefully if needed be for generations to come.

It is hard to believe that a little charity that started behind a computer just 14 years ago has come so far and that is down to EVERYONE and I mean literally EVERYONE who has gotten behind us in any way shape or form over the last 14 years, believing in us and our work. Those donating, volunteering, fundraising and even just as simple as sharing.

You are all absolutely AMAZEBALLS!

We have only gone and bloody well done it. 8 months of stress and behind the scenes work and we can now relax just in time for Christmas.

We need to say a huge thank you to our landlord Kevin Carty for allowing us the opportunity to rent with right to buy, Simon Thorrington and Claire Garbett and all the team at Charities Bank who helped us secure our mortgage and to Stephen Percy our wonderful solicitor who has had to put up with more than his share of hassle and agro off us all especially the last 2 weeks whilst we hounded him relentlessly. You are all wonderful and very much appreciated.

So there is nothing else more to say than THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE WHOLE TEAM.