Back in the spring work began to tidy an overgrown, ex-vegetable patch behind the kennels house into something quite special. As always the Gap team rose to challenge of turning this mini jungle into something beautiful...


The patch has been transformed to a most beautiful memorial garden; a tranquil and peaceful place where we can remember our hounds and loved ones. Shrubs. plants and flowers have replaced the rotten old raised veg beds, hound garden sculptures and pawprint pavers feature throughout, hanging baskets bring colour to the fencing, coloured lanterns are dotted around and there are some seating areas in place. In the centre a small pond gives safe haven to newts and a metal bridge over provides the focal point of the garden.

It is from this bridge sponsored memory tags will be hung as a permanent and fitting tribute to to anyone (four or two legged!) who we miss and want to remember. Absolutely anyone can sponsor a memory tag and know that it'll remain a permanent feature in our memory garden. This also creates a way for others, who are too far away to visit, to be a part of our kennels and community. We hope our garden will grow and flourish and become a very special place for us all.


Sponsored memory tags come in a variety of sparkling coloured pawprints and can be engraved with your chosen message. More details on how you can sponsor a tag can be found here.