New for rehoming with Greyhound Gap is our beautiful Mary who is a 2 year old whippet x.
Mary was an emergency intake from the Dog Wardens right before Christmas when we had no room at the Inn.
Far from being quite contrary Mary is definitely a very easy dog to read. Its obvious to see that she has had quite a lot of unsettlement in her life up until now and is desperate for guidance and security.
Mary comes across as a happy go lucky little girl who is eager to please but her insecurities sometimes get the better of her.
Mary needs a calm and patient home willing to invest in her day to day continued socialisation.
A home with the experience to understand that occasionally on lead she does get frustrated and this can result in vocal behaviour. She is not aggressive but somewhat of a frustrated greeter. Here at the kennels she has been allowed the ability to socialise with calm dogs both big and small and with a handler willing to show confidence and offer assurance she relaxes and trusts.
Mary we feel would be best placed into a home with a medium to large confident laid back male dog. A dog she can occasionally play with but take the lead from also.
If Mary were to be an only dog it would need to be in a home that had someone around all or most of the time and willing to work with us to allow her to become relaxed and confident enough to learn to have alone time.
Mary is not cat friendly but can be rehomed with dog savvy children 6 years and upwards as she is quite gentle and loving in the main.
Although Mary is here with us in kennels we do know that she has lived in *homes* before. She is spotlessly clean in her kennel and toilets at every given opportunity so we do not envisage housetraining being an issue. She also travels well.
All in all Mary is an absolutely beautiful little soul who needs a caring, confident home to allow her the time to decompress and feel safe. Whilst understanding she may be a little over exuberant during the initial settling and trust building period.
This little girl with a big heart really does have so much love to give.
Mary is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de fleaed, wormed, microchipped and has been spayed and received a dental.
Mary is located in Stoke on Trent and any family wishing to offer her a home must be willing to travel with all immediate family members and any current resident dogs.
If you are interested in offering this stunning girl a home please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below.