Beautiful Marnie needs a permanent foster home based in Staffordshire or Cheshire.
Marnie is just 3 years of age and landed into our care with a very nasty condition called chylothorax. This can often be secondary to another condition. In Marnie's case we found that condition was a heart problem. Marnie has been very lucky it is rare that the chylothorax seems to completely rectify even when the primary condition has been treated but hers has.
Marnie currently has no chyle on her chest and hasn't for the last 6 months and the medications are ensuring her heart rate is stable and she is really well in herself. Marnie does currently receive anti anxiety medication to ensure her stress levels are kept low in a kennels environment. This is a precaution due to her heart condition. She would remain on them whilst settling into a home. We do feel though once settled we can start to reduce these and gradually wean her off.
We now need to find a home for her that can continue to work with our vets in Nantwich. Marnie goes for regular 2 monthly checks but of course should she become ill in any way that may need to be more. Therefore a home in or around Staffordshire and Cheshire.
Her medications and treatment will of course continue to be covered by us as a rescue. Marnie needs a low fat diet. Thankfully Chappie complete fits the bill and is relatively inexpensive
Marnie's ideal home will be with someone around all or most of the time. Ideally with other dogs or dog in the home. She is fine with both sexes but any female would need to be proven to have co existed with other females before without issue. She is a sweet dog with a relatively low prey drive but is NOT cat or small furry friendly. She could live with calm dog savvy children 6 years and over. Out and about Marnie walks well on lead and she settles down to travel like a dream.
Marnie is good to be left for short periods currently and does understand the concept of housetraining. It does need to be recognised though that as she is in receipt of medications for her heart that ensure fluids do not build up she needs to toilet more regularly. Hence a home where she is not left too long.
Marnie is spayed, vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped and has received a dental.
If you think you could be those special people who can offer Marnie a family home environment please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below