One of our precious Macau Babies Jester was returned into our care after 2 years in his new home. Unfortunately the family were due a new baby and as Jester is not the easiest boy they did not feel that they wanted the risk of him in the home, or that they could manage a segregated house easily enough.

Jester is now 10 and as he will not be an easy boy to rehome we want to start to set about looking as soon as possible.

The Macau dogs had an absolutely horrendous life before joining us in the UK. A life in a baron cell with no luxuries, no indulgence, no comfort and due to that some of them are a little mentally damaged. That does not mean to say though that they are still not the most deserving and most loving, comical dogs who deserve a life as much as the next.
Jester needs to be an only dog. Preferably with someone with sighthound or large dog experience. At times he needs careful handling and can be a little defensive of things like the sofa. It is more than understandable. The comfort on their bones must feel like heaven now after lying on bare concrete floors with not so much as a blanket over all those year. Jester has on a couple of occasions reacted when allowed sofa privilege's and has placed his teeth. He has NEVER though broken the skin or bruised it. Jester thrives with a safe place. Somewhere he can call his own if needs be and rest peacefully without being disturbed. He loves toys, and fuss and walks and just life in general and is such a wonderful boy and in the main has overcome all of his worries and fears.

Due to the pure neglect over the years of these dogs during their time in China Jester does not have many teeth left and the ones he has need carefully looking after. He is neutered and vaccinated and will be fully vet checked and bought up to date with vaccinations before he is rehomed.

Jester is not cat or small animal friendly and will not be rehomed with pre teens. Jester is currently with us here in kennels in Stoke on Trent. Any family wishing to offer Jester a home will need to be willing to travel to meet with him here.

This absolutely amazing Survivor deserves a home to call his own in his Twilight years. A home where he can be lavished and allowed to relax with people who will adore him in the way he deserves.  If you are interested in offering Jester a home please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire below