Honey 6 year old female Azawakh x Sloughi x Australian Cattle Dog
Sadly after 4 1/2 years in her home beautiful Honey is now available for adoption again.
Honeys family have faced a drastic change in circumstances and now feel they can not offer this beautiful girl what she needs. Honey is still with her family at the moment and we are trying to find a home direct from their care to ensure Honey is not facing lots of change.
The first photos are Honey at just 14 months when originally with us the others are from her home and recent.
Here is what her current owner has to say! Honey does need an experienced home who understand that lurchers can be occasionally reactive on the lead and accept and are willing to continue to work with this.
Hi Lisa
Honey has matured into an affectionate and loving Lurcher who still retains her independent spirit and playful devilish personality. She has developed a strong bond with Malcolm and loves to cuddle up with him as well as keep him in place but rarely goes anywhere else without checking back in with him after a few minutes.
She is spotless in the house and has been from day one and settles well at night.
She loves her food and is easy to train with treats because of this.
She attended FlyBall training for several weeks and was willing to participate for the most part all be it on her terms and at her pace (gracefully stepping over the jumps like she was on a catwalk!) and would occasionally go on a zoomy, inviting the other dogs to join her in a race which they always declined . I think she decided it wasn’t her thing in the end but did show everyone she had been listening and put in a perfect routine on the final day before quitting!
She is a nervous traveller in cars but does eventually settle down on longer journeys, she isn’t ever sick or ill just shakes at the start although she’s always the first to jump in when asked.
Her recall has improved a lot over time and despite going off on occasions she always comes back to find me and Malcolm.
On the lead she can be very reactive when spotting another dog, barking and pulling on the lead until it is out of sight, although she hasn’t been like this meeting others at training or when she’s off the lead, just wanting them to play with her.
Honey is a well loved member of our pack and loves being around people and we will miss her massively if and when a better situation for her presents itself
From ourselves as a rescue :-
Honey is absolutely NOT cut out to be an only dog. She needs a home with a companion male. The dog she resides with currently is an elderly male lurcher and she adores him and is sensitive to his ever increasing frailty.
Her new home also must have someone around all or most of the time. The reason she is not able to stay in her new home is the owners working hours have increased with her having to occasionally be left for around 10 to 12 hours. Something she is not keen on. However, with regular exercise and the company of another dog Honey is happy to be left for a few hours at a time. As Honey has always been with a male sighthound moving forward we'd like to see her new offer the same.
Honey is NOT cat or small furry friendly and any children in the home need to be dog savvy and over 8 years of age.
Honey has multiple highly traited crosses in her. She can be aloof and strong willed and extremely independent and any new family needs to have sighthound experience and the ability to understand this, embrace it but also not allow her to independently think herself into unsafe situations.
Honey is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and in good health.
Honey is currently located in the Wirral and all members of the immediate family including any resident dog would be required to travel to meet her.
If you are interested in learning more about Honey or applying to adopt her in the first instance you need to complete the pre adoption questionnaire below.