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I can’t thank Greyhound Gap enough for the time, and support they have given me and my hounds.  

I wanted a companion for my male greyhound who isn’t the most confident of dogs. Once I submitted the pre-adoption form, a phone call followed quickly from Lisa to gather more details on my situation and helped with the matching process  Once a potential match had been found. 

We had several visits to the kennel and use of the home-from-home room before home assessment visits took place to see how the new addition would behave in the new environment. The multiple visits and interactions were important to ensure the dogs got on well and assess their behavior.  

At no point was there pressure to rush into adopting, the recure rather you visit several times to make sure the right decision is made and to build up the bond.

The team has been on hand to offer advice since adoption from the settling in stage and when I have had any questions since. 

Mica - Adopted by Kate Wood
We adopted Cora in January 2023. She was an ex racer and had never seen another breed of dog or been in a house before. The stairs were an interesting lesson! Prior to adoption, we registered our interest giving exact details about our home life, other pets and working hours. We met at the kennels and allowed Lisa to choose a dog for us and our lifestyle. 
The support pre and post adoption was phenomenal. Lisa was on hand everyday with check ins and clear instruction on how to settle our new hound into her new home. 
Just over a year later, we have the most docile hound. She’s still opening up more and more each day and her cheeky personality shows through with her hilarious antics. It just shows how much personalised care is given to each and every dog, whenever we go to a Gap Show, Lisa only has to make a sound and Cora goes all giddy! She certainly has Lisa and Sarah constantly in her mind and she absolutely loves to give them hugs and slobbery kisses! I’m sure, should Lisa ever try, she would go back to GAP like a child with their favourite teacher, no turning back and waving! 
An amazing charity, superb support and hand on heart I can guarantee every dog in their care is treated like one of their own children. 
Cora - Adopted by Jessica Myatt

Adopting a young or adult rescue dog is not an easy option but what made Greyhound Gap stand out for me was the fact that the dedicated team are with you all the way. 

I don’t just mean, all the way, I mean ALL THE WAY.  They are not just trying to move dogs through, every single dog is treated as if it is their own with a commitment to ensuring they have the best life possible.  With many year’s experience, Lisa is a skilled dog/human matchmaker you can trust.  There must be some kind of rip in the space time continuem around that part of Staffordshire, because no matter how stretched, stressed and busy they are, you can ALWAYS rely on them to find time to respond quickly and fully focus on what you need to ensure your adoption goes smoothly, for as long as that takes. 

(Obviously when I say “smoothly” I mean exasperatingly, terrifyingly, surprisingly, frustratingly, tearfully, desperately and challengingly.)  And Greyhound Gap will be there with you, for all of those real life emotions and situations.  For as long as you need, or forever.  Whichever ends first.  We have learned so much since bringing our sweet baby home in 2023, it was hard, we nearly gave up but with Lisa and the team’s support we didn’t, thank goodness. 

You don’t just adopt a dog from Greyhound Gap, you become part of the Gap family.  If it gets tough, family is there for you; when you celebrate, family share your joy.  Rescue as it should be.  Five stars.  Highly recommend 

Thunder - Adopted by Alice Mace
The dog we initially applied for would have been completely unsuitable for the home we could offer. Lisa went on to describe a young greyhound who she felt would be more suited to our situation, she sounded great so next it was off to GG with our resident hounds for a visit.
The arrangements at GG for meet and greet are fantastic, we were introduced to Tink in their ‘home from home’ room. This puts the dogs in a surrounding more like a typical home one. Everyone got to meet and we could see how our dogs and Tink got on, also we got to see Tink’s nature too.
A little walk out with all the dogs together followed and we were smitten !!
Nothing at GG is rushed, we were told to have a good think if we wished to go ahead with the adoption and let them know.
We were really taken with Tink so next it was the home visit, all hounds met outside our house first then back inside to see how it all worked out, Wonderfully being the answer !
A little advice was received on making our house slightly more young greyhound proof !  which was duly done and the next weekend we were off to collect Tink.
Once at home, Lisa kept in contact with advice on settling  Tink in and getting her used to being left for a few hours. 
And here she is happy in her new home
Tink - Adopted by David Maynard
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