a Saluki x Greyhound boy fred is looking for a confident home.


Fred is a Saluki x Greyhound boy just coming up to 10 years old.
Fred really is the most glorious gentle boy he is not only stunningly beautiful outward but inside also and we really hope that his age will not put people off.
Fred is gentle in both heart and mind and until joining us at Greyhound Gap has been an outside dog all his life.
Fred seems to get on well with all other dogs and has been fabulous around my small female Spaniel and 5kg Dachshund x girl.
If anything he is a little timid around them. We do feel in a home with someone around all or most of the time in the beginning to settle him Fred could easily learn to become an only dog.
We also feel he could live alongside other calm dogs and would especially flourish with a similar gentle natured female sighthound.
We feel one on one with a male Fred could be at risk of being bullied.
Fred did go to a home with a female Greyhound who he adored and got on well with. He also got on well with the main adult residents.
Sadly due to Fred being slightly timid after being in his new home for a while he did develop a fear of their adult Son with autism resulting in him barking at him.
We feel that due to the adult Son having to have his routine kept consistent and meaning he took himself off a lot it caused Fred to become wary when he was around.
Therefore we would like Fred to go to an adult only home with people who are calm and confident and understand he will need some time to warm up to visitors having led such a sheltered life.
Here at kennels Fred walks like a dream. He does not seem to be phased by other dogs or people but when heading to a home he did become a little reactive to both.
His new home did admit to being nervous though with his handling, something we had not envisaged being an issue as with calm, confident handling with us he showed no signs.
Any home taking this beautiful boy will need to have the time and confidence to understand until he feels you are safe he may revert to these behaviours.
Fred is clean in the home and travels well. All in all he is a beautiful yet slightly timid dog with no life experience in general.
Any new home needs to understand that he will need time to adapt and decompress. He is the most loving, giving boy once you have his trust and we all adore him here at the kennels.
Fred is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped, castrated and will also have a dental before rehoming.
Fred is currently based in Stoke on Trent and anyone wishing to offer him a home would need to be willing to travel to meet him with all immediate members of the family and any resident dogs.
If you are interested in offering Fred a home please in the first instance complete the Pre Adoption Questionnaire

Adoption Process


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