Flash is one of the most *specialist* dogs we have ever placed up for rehoming
Flash was abandoned at just 5 months old out into the wilds on his own. He adapted so quickly that it took over 7 months to secure his capture.
Surviving from such an early age on his own means that even after 2 years hard work there is still an element of Flash that remains basically feral.
He choses in the main not to trust and even now in our paddock refuses to return to be leashed but will make his way into his kennel on his own.
Every single day with Flash is groundhog day and it is like he is seeing you for the first time. He is totally driven by his nerves.
Here at the kennels he has been happy as the one thing Flash knows and adores is other dogs. He is good with them all, big, small, dog - bitch. It doesnt matter dogs are friends to Flash.
Flash needs an extremely experienced home. One that understands were he ever to escape again the chances of his return would be slim.
We do feel now should he run from the kennels he would make his way back when it was quiet and this is what makes it so difficult placing him up for rehoming but if that suitably experienced home can be found then he the same as them all deserves a chance.
Flash does now enjoy his walks with people he knows. He is walked on a 3 point harness with a secure collar also added in.
However, the kennels are in a relatively quiet area and Flash isnt destined to be a city or town dog with lots of hustle and bustle and any new home would need a suitably secure garden with fences 6ft high.
We feel he would also do well in a home with a pack with owners who understood that Flash would be there for the dogs but would remain suitably aloof with the owners possibly for his entire life.
He wants to be a dogs companion not a humans.
Flash is not cat or small furry friendly and he needs an adult only home that is quiet with maybe just a resident couple with no plans to have children and without visiting children. He absolutely could not deal with the noise or hustle and bustle. He does however travel well.
Flash is now castrated and that was done at the right time after the right investigations.
He did become a little rough with the female he is kennelled with and relies on.
To be sure that it would not set him back and in the hope it may progress him more he was first chemically castrated for 6 months via an implant.
Other than make him more biddable with the female in the kennel it had absolutely no impact on his behaviour at all so the decision was to go ahead with neutering and nothing has changed with his behaviour since castration only it means he is able to still have friends and a kennel companion so as not to totally isolate him.
We absolutely can NOT iterate enough that no matter how much of a good looking dog Flash is any home will need to be 100 per cent right and 100 per cent listening to and understanding his needs and that as a dog he is *different*
We can see he struggles to process but that does not mean we want to just write him off and not make the effort to at least try for suitably experienced dog people. We may be surprised and in a home after an amount of time he may progress in leaps and bounds.
Flash is currently located in Stoke on Trent and any family wishing to offer him a home must be willing to make multiple journeys with all members of the immediate family and any resident dogs.
They must display the ability and desire to work with us to put the necessary work into keeping this boy safe for the future and any homes we feel applying and absolutely not understanding that will not receive a response.
If you genuinely feel you can offer this very special boy the time and patience he needs and accept that he may never be much more than a dog in a home who is friends with your own current dogs please do complete the pre adoption questionnaire below.