A 17 month old Cockapoo bursting with love and energy.


Charlie is a 17 month old Cockerpoo needs a very specific home. Please read all details before applying.
Charlie what can we say? An absolute bundle of love and energy who up until now has not had the best start in life.
Charlie needs an active home with other dogs for company with an experienced owner and is SO clever and so willing to learn we are sure he would love an agility, obedience or cani cross type learning opportunity.
First for the good points. Charlie is totally non aggressive and unlike many of his breed also shows no signs of resourcefulness. He is very polite with other dogs off lead, reads them well, accepts their boundaries and practices avoidance. His recall is also spot on in an enclosed area and out on walks but his breed traits do need to be taken into consideration.
Now a not so good point. On lead Charlie is a frustrated greeter. He will in the main bark when he passes other dogs and can occasionally bark when passing people. He has we feel been extremely bored in life to this point and as a mix of a high energy and high intelligence breed this is the cause of this issue.
He needs an experienced owner who understands this and is willing to invest in the time he needs to teach him more manners and to be less frustrated. A run in our paddock though before heading out and one on one with food he is easy to focus.
Charlie loves to learn! He loves enrichment feeding, enrichment activities and is quick to work things out. He would much rather work for food than receive it from a bowl.
Although Charlie is with us in kennels he works hard to keep his area clean and we do not envisage housetraining being an issue. We also feel he will be okay left for short periods of time with the company of other dogs but is not a dog suitable at this point in time to a full time working environment.
Unfortunately Charlie was not introduced to a groomer at an early age. In fact he had never seen a groomer and landed into our care looking like a yeti. After weeks and weeks of attempting to allow us to cut his coat we had no choice but to work as a team, take our time and shave him.
Grooming is so important for this breed and any new owner would need to find a groomer competent and capable of working with a fidgeting sometimes snappy worm. He never goes to bite but will fight you off and a skilled groomer will be vastly important moving forward willing to take their time.
Charlie is NOT small furry friendly but can be rehomed with dog savvy children aged 8 years and upwards.
We can not iterate enough that Charlie needs a committed home who understand there will be a lot of work ahead. He is though the most loving, giving, cuddly, kissy boy also.
Charlie is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, neutered and has had his teeth checked. He will also come with 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan.
Charlie is located in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Anyone wishing to offer him a home will need to be willing to travel to meet with him with all immediate members of the family and any current resident dogs.
If you are interested in offering Charlie a home please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire by clicking the link below.

Adoption Process


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