Cassie is a stunning 4-year-old rough coated lurcher girl who landed into our care due to sustaining an injury to her leg.
Sadly, her owner unable to afford veterinary care relinquished her to the vets signing an understanding that should a suitable rescue place not be secured they were to humanely euthanise.
Thankfully even though full we were able to find a solution.
Cassie was transferred to Nantwich Veterinary Hospital for immediate X- Ray where it was discovered she thankfully only had a dislocated hip.
On arriving into our care it was also plain to see that Cassie was grossly underweight weighing only 12kg. She is now thankfully a healthy 15kg in weight. For a 4-year-old she also had a mouthful of rotting teeth, this has also now been rectified with the removal of 10.
Cassie is a delightful little dog who has not let her past care affect her joyful temperament. Once her hip was set back into place it was necessary for her to have 8 weeks full crate rest and she handled it without any complaints.
Cassie is currently in foster in the kennels house and has not been one minutes bother; in fact, she is a pleasure to care for.
Cassie gets on well in the main with both the male and female dogs she co exists with. However, she does we suspect have some Wheaton Terrier in her makeup which means she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself if necessary.
We feel due to this she would be best suited to a home with a laid-back male companion. She is quite playful so one who would engage her in fun occasionally she would love! She may be okay to co-exist with a laid-back female also if there was a male dog in the mix to steady out the balance.
We do also feel that in a home with someone around all or most of the time especially in the beginning she could learn to live as an only dog.
Cassie was worked before landing into our care so does have a prey drive, she is not safe to co-exist with cats or small furries.
She is extremely good with all humans, however when excited she does tend to air snap with glee! Therefore, we feel that dog savvy children 10 years and upwards would be best. Cassie travels like a dream and walks like a dream out and about on lead. She is also housetrained.
It does need noting that due to having had a dislocated hip even though fully healed this may in the future impact on Cassies ability where exercise is concerned and there will be times it may become sore. With this there may arise cost implications for pain relief.
We still do not let Cassie run off lead now and she is exercised on lead as she absolutely does not know her limitations until it hurts. 3 months is still a relatively short time in her healing journey and her muscles need time to be able to sturdy up around the hip joint.
Cassie is microchipped, vaccinated, kc vaccinated, defleaed, dewormed, spayed and has received a dental. She will also be rehomed with one-month free insurance with Petplan.
Cassie is currently in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire anyone wishing to offer this lovely girl a home must be willing to travel with all immediate members of the family and any resident dogs.
Ideally due to Cassies previous injury we are looking for a home as close to our centre of operations as possible. Should it become necessary in the future for Cassie to receive any further surgical intervention we will be willing to remain responsible for the costs. Should that occur we would ask it was handled at our own veterinary hospital with our own orthopaedic specialist.
If you are interested in offering Cassie a home in the first instance fill out the pre adoption questionnaire below.