Bill is a 14 week old Collie puppy who is now ready to find a Collie experienced owner. We will only be considering people who do know and understand the breed as we absolutely want the best for these pups moving forward.
Bill is an absolute sweetheart and it was obvious to see when landing into our care with his brother Ben they hadn't had much socialisation.
Bill is most definitely the more confident of the two and through scatter feeding and enrichment is learning to move around more freely and to check in more happily with humans.
We are looking for a home for Bill with an already established well balanced spayed female dog. They have only ever known other dogs and definitely get their confidence from being around them.
Being a collie Bill will need an active home, one that understands their desire to learn.
A home with someone around all of the time is a must. As a baby he needs investment and help to adapt to a home environment plus work with house training.
Taking the time to socialise them will be a must and we'd highly recommend basic training courses such as the kennel club good citizen which can be hugely beneficial.
Bill can be rehomed to a home with dog savvy cats with owners that understand drive and how to channel it.
Any children in the home must be use to the breed.
Bill travels relatively well. He can be a little vocal but soon settles down to rest.
Bill is fully vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed and is microchipped. He will be rehomed on a neutering contract and must be neutered at a relevant age dependent on maturity and behaviour discussed between ourselves.
Bill is currently located in Stoke on Trent
If you are interested in offering Bill a home please complete the pre adoption questionnaire below.