Each year hundreds of healthy greyhounds and lurchers are needlessly put to sleep in the UK and this figure is repeated throughout many countries in the world, the lucky ones make it into rescue.  


Greyhound Gap's primary role is to actively take in, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a ‘put to sleep’ situation in UK pounds - rehoming around 150 dogs a year.  We are lucky enough to have our own kennelling facilities and can have 40-50 dogs with us any one time.  We also have access to experienced foster homes for a further 30-40 dogs. All of the dogs in our care undergo a thorough assessment which, in turn, allows us to match each dog to the right home.   All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for parasites prior to rehoming as well as receiving a full vet check and any other necessary treatment.

Home checks are required before we will place any of our dogs and we pride ourselves on the fact we consider our dogs to be rescued for life. Should any problems occur at anytime or if it becomes necessary for our dogs to leave their new home they must be returned to our care.

Full details of our comprehensive adoption process and details of our dogs available for adoption can be found in the Homing & Adoption section of the website along with a link to our pre-adoption form which we ask all potential adopters to complete.

Greyhound Gap also supports and works alongside other reputable organisations, helping many other dogs to safety.

Community Involvement

Greyhound Gap are proud to support our local community.

During the summer months we are able to offer a limited number of work placements to college students. In addition we can offer educational visits from local schools to enable them to learn more about the welfare of animals and to meet some of the charges in our care. We can also accommodate corporate volunteering days.

We are involved with Social Services referrals and homeless support teams to give people the chance to join us supervised on a voluntary basis. Learning new skills can often help them and we will be able to provide references if necessary to show skills developed during their time volunteering. Many love the dogs and it is massively beneficial for the dogs to continue to meet new people.

Greyhound Gap has also, in some instances, been able to direct donations of surplus food to families struggling to financially support their dogs and has worked with local homeless support charities to provide food to the dogs residing on the streets with their owners. Locally there are no facilities for homeless pet owners, these people and their animals can often be at risk of hardship. Where possible Gap also provide basic medical treatment such as disease control and provide basic safety essentials i.e. collars, leads and coats for the dog’s wellbeing where necessary. This builds trust bonds with ourselves, the dogs and their owners and should situations arise separating dog and owner we are able to offer a direct safety net. This in turn means the dogs do not enter the main stray system in turn placing them at risk.

Greyhound Gap is an approved Community Payback Provider working closely with the probation service, giving offenders a chance to give back to their local communities and gain some valuable experience too.  This has been a great success - the dogs benefit from having extra walks and socialisation opportunities and the feedback we have received both from the people themselves and the probation service has been very positive. Some have returned after their payback to become regular volunteers!


Greyhound Gap hold a private boarding licence and are able to offer a limited number of boarding places.  Owners are able to go on holiday safe in the knowledge that that their dogs will have the best possible care surrounded by people who know, and love, those 'special' sighthound qualities inside and out. Further information can be found in the Boarding section of the website.

Our Neutering Policy

To neuter all animals before leaving our care where appropriate.
In instances of young puppies or ill dogs to ensure neutering when appropriate/recovered by adopters.
To educate the public to benefits of neutering when appropriate relating to health, behaviour and population reduction.

Our Euthanasia Policy

To ensure only animals suffering an unacceptable quality of life are euthanised in line with our full euthanasia policy.
To ensure that Greyhound Gap do not knowingly risk placing in danger members of the public or other animals.
To make decisions led by qualified veterinary surgeons in a timely manner to avoid prolonged suffering.
Our full euthanasia policy can be found here (you will need a PDF reader).