You can help us without even having to leave the sofa (if of course there is room for you on the sofa amongst the hounds!). By following us online you can take part in our online auctions, raffles and shows, meet like minded people and help spread the word. 

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      We try to keep this group up to date with all day to day happenings, coming events, appeals, dogs coming in, dogs heading off to their new homes and our fundraising plans.  It's a fast moving busy group, lots happens at Greyhound Gap!
      Our Group

      We also have Page which helps spread the word about Greyhound Gap and the work we do. It differs from our Group page as it allows us to add a donate button and enables people and their friends and family to donate easily via Facebook as well as keeping up with important announcements. Please become a fan of Greyhound Gap on Facebook and help let the world know who we are and what we do!
      Our Page

      We run regular fundraising auctions in this group which are a huge benefit to the charity. We ask our supporters to donate items, whether they be unwanted gifts, craft and homemade items, or found rummaging in your drawers! The items are then open for bidding upon with the highest bidder at the close of the auction being the winner.  The auctions are great fun and often involve a few bidding wars! 
      Wet Nose Week group

      In addition we have a "Friends of Greyhound Gap" group.   This tends to be the place where members chat about their hounds, share pictures, experiences and stories - all the stuff we want to talk about and love to see but may otherwise clog up the main Gap group.  It is also a place for our supporters to showcase their fundraisers and to allow the wonderful companies and individuals who support Greyhound Gap by giving a percentage of their sales to Gap to tell the world about their generosity and advertise their goods. 
      Friends of Greyhound Gap group

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      Greyhound Gap has a Twitter page with over 3,000 followers,  regular updates and info are tweeted and retweeted so please join in and follow us.