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Sponsor Dog Diesel - Sad News


We have some extremely sad news;   Diesel our beautiful sponsor boy has left us for the bridge today.

Diesel came to us in 2006 as a young 2 year old greyhound boy and moved into foster in Wales. He was very shut down and quiet for a greyhound and then we noticed that his nose was starting to develop a crust and other issues appeared along with it swelling in his leg and problems with his skin. Diesel was a very poorly boy and was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus meaning he would require life long monitoring and medication. It was at this point that we decided the best thing for Diesel was to find him a permanant foster home on a sponsor dog basis. Sue and Jules came along and they have been fabulous parents to him for the last 8 years. The first 2 years of Diesel's time with them was horrendous and we could not stabilise him at all and we thought we would lose him but with continued twisting of treatments and combinations of classic medication and alternative therapies finally we got him stable and he began to be able to enjoy life.


Sadly Diesel has been poorly this last few weeks and started to go downhill and quickly last week. It was discovered that he is very poorly with bowel cancer and Jules and Sue had to make the heartbreaking decision with our full support to let him go. Diesel was a much loved hound who worked so hard to promote Greyhound Gap and his twitter page has over 1800 followers who are very sad to hear the news and have already started to donate to Greyhound Gap in his memory. He is a dog that has touched many many hearts and being an excellent ambassador for us as a rescue.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of you who have chosen to sponsor Diesel over the last 8 years, your donations of sponsorship helped us to continue to make sure he had the care he deserved and the life he loved.


We hadn't realised just how far reaching Diesels tweets were and how much of a difference he made to so many lives, how much of an impact on people considering adopting a Greyhound he made. So many more people out there who silently knew of Gap and supported us and you can read their kind messages the Memorial Just Giving Page Sue and Jules set up as requested by his twitter followers.


Click here for Diesel's Just Giving Memorial Page