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Sponsor Dog Mavis, More Sad News

A very, very sad day for all of us here at Greyhound Gap. Mavis one of our long term supported sponsor dogs sadly had to be put to sleep this morning after a fit they could not bring her out of...

When Mavis arrived with us from the stray pound in 2009 she had multiple ongoing health problems. She has obviously been used as a brood bitch and it took us a long time to stop her producing milk. Her ear hair was massively grown in and her ears were in a terrible mess. It sadly continued to cause her problems through her life and she was a regular visitor to the vets for drops to help them. She also suffered with serious skin problems and had to adhere to a very strict diet of salmon and potato or her skin and her poor bottom which was also an awful mess when she landed with scar tissue from poor care would flare up. The whole of her life Mavis had to be watched like a hawk as even stealing a piece of bread the birds had dropped into the garden was known to make her very seriously ill.

The decision was made for Mavis to remain a Gap dog for life and to be supported throughout her remaining time. Mavis was lucky enough to find a permanant foster home for life with the lovely Trevor and Dorothy and they absolutely doted on her, she was most certainly their little Princess and Mavis had all the love in the world. I can not begin to imagine just how bereft they are feeling today. All my love and thoughts are with them. Sleep tight Mave the Rave you will be loved and missed always. You may have been the tiniest bedlington we ever had through Gaps doors but you were certainly the most fiesty.


Sponsor mavis