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Our Facebook Groups

Greyhound Gap has recently added two new Facebook Groups which run alongside our main group.

Friends of Greyhound Gap

This group has been set up to allow Greyhound Gap members and supporters to showcase their fundraisers for the rescue, to allow us to hold fun competitions and auctions. We also have some wonderful companies and individuals who support Greyhound Gap with donations from their sales. This is a place they can also advertise and for companies who hold fundraisers or sponsor our dogs to add a link and for us to offer our thanks.

As we produce our own range of collars that raise a vast amount for the rescue this is the only thing we ask is not advertised here as of course we will be showcasing our own to raise as much as possible. If you have a fundraiser or want help with filling in forms and applications this is also a great place to access our team and get the help and support you need.

Link to Friends of Greyhound Gap:

Saturday Morning at the Kennels

We meet every Saturday at 10am to walk and socialise our kennel hounds; walking the hounds that are still in kennels is an extremely rewarding activity. The dogs are taken for a countyside walk where they can do lots of sniffing and rolling on the grasses. Regular walkers get to see some of the more scared, confused or nervous dogs start to come our of their shells and gain in confidence over time, it's also a good chance to catch up with other volunteers!

This group has been created so that kennel walkers can add pictures and videos taken on their walks of the kennel hounds. It gives many who are unable to help with the walks access to seeing the dogs and seeing them flourish in our care. 

Link to Saturday Morning at the Kennels:

Greyhound Gap - Main Group

We use or main Facebook Group to post details of dogs needing homes, our new arrivals, urgent appeals, transport requests etc.  It's also a place where adopters can update us with their new hounds progress.

Link to Greyhound Gap Facebook Group: