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18th September 2016 Greyhound Gap Newsletter (September 2016)
13th July 2016 Greyhound Gap's Autumn Show - 2nd October 2016
24th June 2016 HUG Fundraising - Help Us Grow
18th June 2016 The ALL NEW Gap Newsletter! (June 2016)
11th May 2016 Some dates for your diary!
4th February 2016 Greyhound Gap's Spring Show - 1st May 2016
28th January 2016 Fundraising Update - Sponsored Kennel Sleepover
28th January 2016 Sponsor Dog Mavis, More Sad News
14th November 2015 Sad News - Sponsor Dog Wobbles
7th October 2015 Amazing News - Kennels!!
16th April 2015 Newsletter April 2015
28th March 2015 Greyhound Gap's Spring Fun All Breed Dog Show
27th March 2015 Newsletter March 2015
14th October 2014 Important Annoucement
10th August 2014 Gap's Autumn Show - Sunday 28th September 2014
28th April 2014 Newsletter April 2014
5th April 2014 Greyhound Gap's Spring Show
5th April 2014 Show off Your Dog's Selfie
20th July 2013 Newsletter Summer 2013
12th July 2013 Greyhound Gap DVD
11th July 2013 Our Facebook Groups
4th April 2013 Greyhound Gap's Kennel Hounds Film - April 2013
22nd March 2013 Greyhound Gap's online Easter Raffle
17th February 2013 Newsletter February 2013
6th February 2013 Greyhound Gap 10th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner and Dance
16th January 2013 New Year Auction
15th January 2013 Why Adopt a Rescue Dog ? - A short film
15th January 2013 Why Adopt a Rescue Dog?
15th September 2012 Greyhound Gap's Kennel Hounds Film
15th September 2012 Greyhound Gap Autumn Show - 30th September 2012
23rd July 2012 Gap's Olympic Online Dog Show - starts 27th July
19th July 2012 250 Rock Climbs for Gap
18th July 2012 Newsletter July 2012
18th July 2012 Southern Upland Way Walk
28th June 2012 What a difference a day makes
22nd May 2012 Have you heard?
16th April 2012 Greyhound Gap All Breed Fun Spring Dog Show - 6th May 2012
30th March 2012 Newsletter March 2012
30th March 2012 Greyhound World Record Attempt - 9th September
8th March 2012 Petplan Charitable Trust Grant
23rd February 2012 Crisis Point Can You Help?!?
8th January 2012 Newsletter January 2012
21st November 2011 Newsletter November 2011
7th November 2011 Greyhound Gap's Fantabulous Winter Raffle Now On
27th October 2011 Thank You to Gill from Life Irrigation
26th October 2011 Greyhound Gap's 2012 Calendars are hot off the press.
19th October 2011 Thank You Jock James
30th September 2011 Online Fun Dog Show starts Sunday 2nd October
30th September 2011 Thank you Daisy Tugwell
26th August 2011 Auction for Flecks Veterinary Bills
18th July 2011 25th September - Greyhound Gap Show - Walsall
18th July 2011 Coast to Coast Walk Completed!
15th June 2011 Coast to Coast Walk - Starts 25th June
28th May 2011 Greyhound Gap Microchipping Surgeries
9th May 2011 Juno - Sad News
31st March 2011 Gap Dog Stig and Owner Eleanor to star on BBC
25th March 2011 1st May Greyhound Gaps Fun Dog Show, Walsall
1st March 2011 Greyhound Gap Launches New Website!
1st March 2011 Dash - Bitch of the Year