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Happy Homings


Here are just a handful of our successful rehoming stories.  If you would like to submit a story for inclusion in this section please send the details and a photograph to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


by Vicky and Lewis Colley (May 2013)

The lovely Margot has been with us for just over 2 weeks and has settled that well, that it feels like she's been here for month's. She is so loving and affectionate to everyone she meets, and is a joy to have. We can't wait to get in from work to be with her! But she loves staying at her uncle John's house whilst we are at work so she can get lots of fuss off him too! We took her to the Vets last week to get registered and checked out and they all fell in love with her, and she made a big impression after one visit!

She has got a cheeky side... whatever you are trying to do, if she wants a fuss, you don't get the choice because she will nudge you with her nose until you give in. She also doesn't like to give you too long in bed at the weekends, and likes to wake you up by licking your face at 6am until you give in and get up to take her for a walk, and fuss her of course!! She loves her squeaky toys and tennis ball and will throw them up in the air and across the room.

Margot is enjoying meeting the other dogs in the village and seems eager to have a good play and run around in the field, which we are working up to. Fortunately we are surrounded by fields where we live so Margot has her pick and really looks forward to going exploring. She has become an important member of our family already and our niece and nephew love her and Margot is so gentle with them. All in all, Margot is so very special and we could not ask for a better dog, so thank you so, so much to Greyhound Gap for bringing us together




by Kay Ackom-Mensah

My family had always owned sighthounds and lurchers and I'd always promised myself that when I retired I would have a rescue greyhound. I looked on many websites, but one day a dog owning friend called to say that whilst out walking her dog she'd met a woman with 4 greyhounds who had suggested I look at Greyhound Gap. Coincidentally on that same day I had come across it myself while looking at whippets - the beautiful Kai came up with a link to Gap. So I filled in the pre-adoption questionnaire and within a very short time was having a chat with Liz over the phone about the joys of sighthound ownership.


Our homecheck was done by Sue - you've guessed it " the woman with 4 greyhounds". At this point I was having a slight wobble and thinking our house was too small to house a greyhound and my OH had yet to be fully persuaded that he didn't want a "proper dog" ( Labrador or Alsatian). Anyway, Sue brought the totally beautiful Jake to visit and he spent the whole time leaning against my OH - no more persuasion needed!!


jet1So homecheck passed - all that was needed now was the greyhound and along came Arfur - so named because he had lost half of his tail somewhere along the line. Arfur went to Sue as a foster and we were invited to go and visit with him; the moment we met him I knew he was the one for us and just 5 days later he moved in with us. Sue phoned later that night to make sure that he had settled alright and Lisa also checked in with us.


To be honest, Arfur - now called Jet - came in and settled as if he belonged here. We have had very few problems - one accident indoors ( my fault for leaving my OH , who had no prior dog experience, alone with him) and one attempt at countersurfing.  Jet also has the recall of a gnat despite all my best efforts, but I knew when I decided to home an ex racer that it was highly likely he would have to remain onlead.  We still see Sue and her hounds on a regular basis and Jet and I have been out fundraising a few times.  I would  thoroughly recommend adopting a greyhound, they are loving and gentle dogs who really want to please, but they are also playful and full of character. I would also wholeheartedly recommend Greyhound Gap for the ongoing help and support which they offer.  


So here we are 18 months on - I feel as if Jet has always been part of our family - my gorgeous, giddy, silly, shiny, funny black hound - where would I be without him?



by Melanie Grice

I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. When the time finally came, we researched several breeds and a retired Greyhound seemed to fit our criteria perfectly. My only concern was my husband's allergies. We looked at other charities but liked how Greyhound Gap operated, using foster homes where possible to get to know the dogs. We contacted Lisa and she talked through our lifestyle and which dogs she had that would match us. We had a home-check and Lisa said we could foster a dog for a week or two and see how things went.


Lisa said she had a boy in the kennels waiting to be fostered who would suit us perfectly. Axel came home and the two weeks trial flew by - no allergies and we were in love!   Axel has settled in so well from being robotic and shut down, to cheeky and full of life. He's been an ambassador for the breed, showing their gentle nature and he has a goofy side which keeps us laughing daily. Lisa has a knack of placing the right dog in the right home, we couldn't have picked better ourselves. We cannot imagine life without him now and wouldn't want to, thank you to Gap who have allowed us to have this magical goof-ball in our lives. Greyhounds truly do make amazing pets.


This beautiful boy is funny and charming and is a pleasure to walk and travel with, he takes everything in his stride and enjoys his new life. He's fine with being left for part of the day and is settled into his retirement (at only 4). I'm so glad we took a chance and didn't let allergies get in the way of owning our dream dog, he's such a special boy. I would recommend anyone wanting a sighthound to come to Greyhound Gap.




Tilly and Maddy
by Janice Roberts

We adopted our beautiful lurcher girl Tilly (formerly Panda) on 4 August 2009 and Maddy (formerly Amelia) came to us in September 2010 and we adopted her a few weeks later!

From start to end, the adoption process was fully supported by Gap and personally by Lisa. We were looking for a lurcher, as we'd lost our old girl, and loved the gentle loving nature of these dogs. We rang Lisa in July enquiring whether Gap had any suitable dogs looking for their forever home and she informed us that a possible match had come from the stray pound only two days previously!

After telling us about her, we  arranged to meet the following week. In the meantime we had our home check and it was felt that our garden fence could do with being higher so my husband spent three days hand making some sturdy trellis to extend it another 3ft!


We met Tilly at the kennels and took her out for a couple of afternoons and felt she was indeed the one for us and couldn't wait to make arrangements with Lisa.  It was arranged that we could collect her after she had been spayed the following Tuesday! The next few days couldn't pass quickly enough!

Sure enough, Tuesday came and we collected Tilly. She settled in at home really quickly and Lisa rang every night until the end of the week and then after the weekend to see how we were coping.   Tilly was such a good girl and as she was so settled we took her on holiday in the caravan  after only 5 days.  It was as if she had always been part of the family! She met my daughter's springer spaniel and they got on really well which was really important as she comes to stay occasionally.

Tilly on the beach

Life was great and in September 2010 we adopted a greyhound pup who we called Maddy.  She was full of energy and character! Again, the support from Gap was there and Lisa was always available at the end of the phone should we have any problems.

Tilly and Maddy are great pals and we can’t thank Greyhound Gap enough for allowing them to come into our lives!


Tilly and Maddy at home


Fundraising for Greyhound Gap




Blake's Happy Home by Blake

My name is Blake and I arrived in my Happy Home in Bedford after a long car drive from my foster home in St Helens.


I was a bit apprehensive when I arrived as it seemed very quiet after several months with my playmates, but I quickly discovered I had a sofa all to myself (though I’m not sure if my new Humans intended it quite that way!)  But to be fair to them, I decided I would use my beanbag when I fancied a change of scenery.

I have to admit, I think I’ve landed on my paws here, as they love me very much, especially the two smaller Humans, who play with me when I feel energetic, I go for nice rambles in the countryside (but have to wear my muzzle if I’m let loose as I find the squirrels quite tempting to investigate further)  and the food is pretty well Michelin standard, though they do tend to try and hide funny round tablet things in it, which I try to spit out.

I was running around one day and hurt my leg so had to be taken to the Vet. I didn’t mind this at all as it meant more treats (Choc Drops a particular favourite) and they discovered that this was an old injury I picked up from my racing days, which I can hardly remember now, though sometimes I do dream about it, as I wake up when I hear the Humans laughing. (They say my feet waggle and I make panting noises).  Luckily, I don’t have to race anywhere now except to the food bowl twice a day.  And apart from having my teeth cleaned, I haven’t troubled the Vet since.

I heard my lady Human say the other day that I was the best dog (I think she means me, even though I’m a hound) she’d ever had.  I was pleased to hear this.  But I’d already made my mind up to stay.

Time for another snooze………

Happy Homing - BlakeHandsome Boy

Happy Homing - Blake

Standing proud




Daisy's Story by Rachel Richards

Daise Mae (now Daisy) was picked up by Greyhound Gap from the City Pound early in 2010 as a very sickly puppy. She was abandoned on the streets of Stoke with parvo virus at the age of ten weeks and if it was not for Gap's intervention she would most certainly have died. After extensive veterinary treatment costing several thousand pounds Daisy was fostered with a pack of other lurchers to recover and gain her strength.

Daisy1Daisy's arrival at Gap - a very poorly puppy

Daisy came to us when she was four months old in April 2010 and life has not been the same since in the the all best possible ways. I work part time so I have had the pleasure of spending lots of time with Daisy and we have had loads of fantastic adventures. We walk twice a day in some fabulous countryside just by our house and there are loads of interesting things to smell, see and chase as well as loads of doggie friends to play with.

Daisy and I have attended obedience classes since last April and she has swiftly moved through the kennel Club scheme as she is such a smart cookie and we are now working towards her Gold award. We have also just started agility classes on Saturday mornings, which she is taking to like a duck to water.

Daisy2Sleepy Daisy

Daisy is such a mix of characters all rolled in to one she constantly keeps me guessing and on my toes. Daisy is a fabulous companion and every day she makes me laugh out loud at something she gets up to. She has brought joy and happiness to my life and enriched it in a whole variety of ways and I would not be without her for the world. Someone's loss for abandoning her is most definitely my gain and every day I thank Lisa and Greyhound Gap for bringing her into my life.

Daisy3Getting ready for the beach at Talacre



Rehoming Jimmer by Dawn Stickler

In 2007 we decided to try fostering, after discussions with Lisa and Angela about our routines and our current dogs likes and dislikes, Jimmer came to us as our first foster.  He slotted into our family and our lives like he’d always been with us, Lisa had taken on board everything we’d told her and found us the perfect match. Unfortunately Jimmer was too perfect and we decided to adopt him!

Jimmer1Cool Jimmer

Since then our nervous little lurcher girl has been transformed into a much more confident hound, our older dog who was accepting that he was getting old has decided that he’s not ready to get old just yet and me and my boy have discovered obedience and agility training, we’ll never win any awards but we have so much fun.

Jimmer2Athletic Jimmer

I’ve also met loads of new friends through Gap who have been incredibly supportive. I may never foster again but our family has gained the most handsome daft as a plank funny lurcher you could ever wish to meet and our family is so much happier because of him and Gap.

Jimmer3Snowy Jimmer