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In addition to our website we have an online forum which has proved an invaluable resource.


It is there for use by rescues, volunteers, owners, potential adopters and, just as importantly, dog lovers in general. You never know when a dog in danger may be in your area and you may be able to step into the breach and help transport it to a place of safety or indeed be that first place of safety on a short term basis.


As well as listing our own dogs for rehoming, there is a section for other rescues homeless hounds. We also have an area for urgent appeals, requests for help with transporting, fostering and home checking plus fundraising and volunteering sections.


There are some general chat sections of the forum which can only be accessed by forum members. Joining is free and gives access to all areas of the forum. Once a member you will have the option to receive emails that highlight urgent appeals, coming events or other forum activities. It is the general chat sections which serve to bring everybody together as a community, share experiences and where many friendships are formed. Please do not abuse this feature as it will detract from the vital work the board aims to achieve.


Greyhound Gap Forum