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Crisis Point Can You Help?!?

Today for the first time ever *I* am scared.
Not only are we  now closed for intake we are going to be at around 35 dogs in kennels. Estimated cost of this is going to be 4k plus a month. They are all young males and are not getting much interest.
On top of that we have Ladys bill due around 800-1000. The vets bill for the pups is probably up to around 2k and then add routine costs, dogs in foster homes, sponsor dogs that have needed operations etc etc its a hell of a mess.
In the last few days we have had to agree to 3 from the pound. This leaves another 4 behind to be potentially euthanised. A saluki x greyhound 8 months old locally that was facing god only knows what and the bloke thought WE should pay him to take the dog that is after if we could could we collect it please and now today our emergency vets called me out of bed first thing as there is a dog there that Val is en route to collect.
We NEED foster homes URGENTLY we even have cat workable dogs in the kennels that could move to foster, we have younger lurchers that are a bit more of a handful but we also have some lovely lovely male lurchers who are very gentle who need foster homes.
Kennel walkers. The kennel volunteers are stressed which in turn is stressing me. I can see the pressure I am putting them under BUT these dogs would be dead without our inteference. The walkers are now faced with having started with one walk and socialisation four walks, very little socialisation for the dogs because there is so many and I am struggling to assess the dogs when they need to be in and out of kennels so fast. Please please please please if you can get to Stoke Kennels on a Saturday morning to help out do.
Funds. Fundraisers etc and I know that everyone is pushed and does so much to help already. If you can do a car  boot, or sell bits you do not need on ebay anything anything anything at the moment we are greatful for. Donate the costs of chocolate that you have given up for lent.
We have been working towards this situation for a long time now. We have seen it coming for the last couple of years  but currently faced with being full and over flowing and so many of them being younger boys the situation is beyond dire. So many being ill or in such a terrible situation of neglect is heartbreaking and putting more and more strain onto us as a rescue.
One thing is for sure though now..... No calls no matter how urgent can be responded to for the foreseable future. That means young, old, due pts, ill, injured. There is no more we can do.